My private practice is evenly divided between adult and pediatric nutrition.  In addition to working with individual family members, I  also see couples and whole families who want to make lasting changes in a supportive environment. Consultations can take place in my office or via skype or telephone.


Parents often come to me asking about their children’s eating habits, concerned that they have a picky-eater or they are just not getting the proper nutrients. I work with both the parents and children to create a plan that works around obstacles to ensure that the kids are getting the right nutrition they need as they are growing. Some parents are worried that their children just are not eating enough, eating too much, or that certain medications may be affecting their appetite and growth. My individualized plans take in to consideration the needs of the particular child without singling them out in the family. I work with the family to provide a supportive atmosphere for the child to have a successful outcome.


Adolescence is period of transition. There is weight gain, rapid growth, changes in body chemistry and new independence and freedom. I work one on one with teenagers as they try to cope with the added stresses of adolescence to make sure they are making good nutritional choices. I also work with many high school athletes who are looking to improve their physical performance through improved nutrition. We create a personalized meal plan together which meets the teenagers needs while allowing them to enjoy being a teenager. I offer a "Teenager Tune Up" to help put your teen back on a path to healthy eating.


Life gets busy as we get older, and often nutrition is the easiest thing for us to forget about. I work with men and women at all  stages of their life. I help many clients reach weight loss goals, and I also provide Medical Nutrition Therapy for those with diagnosed medical conditions. Sometimes the goal is to reduce or eliminate the need for medications and sometimes the goal is to control symptoms. I work with my clients to create personalized nutrition plan for each condition based on their lifestyle and food preferences. For adults looking to just get back on track, I have a 14 day Jumpstart Program that is perfect for the adult on the go!


Seniors experience another transition period that often presents new medical conditions and treatments that can affect appetite or change nutritional needs. I work with seniors and their doctors to formulate an individualized plan that helps support meeting all of their dietary challenges.

Abby Specializes In

Weight Loss and Weight Management
Adolescent and Child Nutrition
General Nutrition and Wellness
Preventive Health
Pre/Postnatal Nutrition
Holistic Nutrition
Digestive Disorders
Food Allergies and Sensitivities
Vegan and Vegetarian Nutrition
Autoimmune Diseases

Our Process

Initial consultation:
The initial consultation is used to gather information necessary to assess your health, nutrition status and goals. When required, this initial consultation may involve several members of your family. I will educate you on the specifics needed to improve your diet and well-being, and provide you with a meal plan tailored to your lifestyle and food preferences. You will leave with new strategies for making improvements to your health and the confidence necessary to make meaningful lasting change.

Follow up consultations:
Follow-up counseling gives us the opportunity to reevaluate goals and strategies, and to make necessary modifications to your diet.

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