130 pounds. How does one even wrap their head around 130 pounds? Before I began seeing Abby, 25 seemed daunting, 50 seemed unthinkable, and 100 seemed surreal beyond comprehension. And yet here I am, less than two years later, with a weight that begins with the number "1" instead of the number "3" it was when I first walked through her door. And perhaps the most incredible part that puzzles nearly everyone who asks what my secret is? Is that my "secret" is not a thing, but a person - my incredible nutritionist. And, that this experience has not been anything close to the "hard work" they assume it must have been. Instead, it's just who I am, how I love eat (and boy do I love to eat!), and how I choose to nourish and better understand my body. So, take the leap of faith - Abby won't let you fall! Kristin S.

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